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App Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website or web app accessible through the internet.

Site management

Overall management of your app, including services, strategies and their execution.


Traffic and web analysis, through this process we examine events and patterns, identify users intents. This process will clarify users objectives. As a result, our findings will translate into new updates.


Updates: In most cases, updates will optimize the flow of information to positively impact user experience. Consequently increasing conversion rate.

Upgrades: In most cases and upgrade introduces new features and functionality, otherwise they are referred to as an update.

Interactive Maps

This services implements Search Appraisers services via backend API. It provides seamless access to map tiles, geocoding, information on areas including geographical outline.

Web Forms

This services implements Form Synergy service via backend API. It provides strategy based management tool in order to dynamically display web forms.