Our History

Helping customers and their websites for 22 Years and counting.

2003 - 2010

JCcyber Web Services

JCcyber started as a Web development firm in Reno, NV. We were passionate about our work. We worked closely with local communities and provided a wide array of web services. Web development, web hosting, management, SEO, updates...

As the years went by, we developed new products and made them available nationwide.

2010 - 2016

JCcyber Web Services

A few years later, JCcyber expanded it's wings! We released new WordPress themes and plugins for the real estate industry, and expanded our market across the Unites States of America.

2013 - 2016

IDX Guru

As evolution takes it course, so did our product line-up. In addition to our custom web design, themes and plugins, we've introduced a high-end IDX integration at a very competitive price.

2016 - 2019

IDX app

As thing progress, the of lack of new technology and appropriate integration API it was time to make a move. IDX Guru became IDX app.

2019 - NOW

Form Synergy

While developing IDX app, due to its interactive UX, collecting visitors information was a challenge at first! Then we created a Form Synergy and every thing worked like a charm.

2020 - NOW

Search Appraisers

It all started when developing our real estate appraisers packages. What started as stress test led to the creation of SearchAppraisers.com

2020 - NOW

Appraisers LAB

Our experience in this industry did not just come knowhow! We create web apps that help us understand visitors intents, so we can positively impact their browsing experience.