At this stage, we recommend a quick introduction, where we can answer your question and address your concerns. An informed decision is an intelligent decision.


Web hosting

During the development stages, your app will be hosted on our development servers. As your project nears the end, we recommend web hosting on the cloud or on a production server.

For more information, please  visit our going live page



While we create your project and install the necessary packages, we like to get a head start and create all the necessary pages. Having said that, a list of your services, counties and cities within your service area will be greatly appreciated as soon as possible.


Page Contents

As previously mentioned, pages for your areas and services where populated using templates and other sources.

You may decide to use the contents that we have provided, alternatively, you may replace the contents of some or all pages with pre-existing contents or even contents written by professional copywriters.

Note: If you decide to provide your own or pre-existing contents, this would be good time to prepare any replacement contents.



During the previous step we prepared and installed all the building blocks, created most of the necessary pages in order to have a fully functioning web app.

Customizing a fully functioning web app, will provide our clients with real visual feedback throughout the building process.



We will begin the personalization process as soon as we receive replacement contents.

This step includes:

  • Content formatting and implementation
  • Media formatting and implementation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Responsive design testing and adjustments