Web Hosting

It’s time to move your project to a production server.

If you decided to extend our relationship and entrust us with your app, including management and updates, our web hosting recommendations will allow you to provide us with the appropriate access in order to transfer your project and update your project on regular bases.

Otherwise, we previously mentioned that “Your satisfaction is our priority and our reputation depends on it”.

Once we gain access to your web hosting instance, we will immediately transfer your project to it’s final destination.


Complete system check

Once your project have reached it’s final destination, the web app will be thoroughly tested for  unexpected errors and potential issues.

Although our package utilizes WordPress code standards and should be clear of any issues, in certain cases the hosting server may require additional dependencies required to operate a WordPress environment.


Fixes and final touches

As we apply fixes and install missing dependencies, it’s time for small touch ups.



Make your web app visible to the public.

Validation and verification

This is the last step in the launch process!

So far we’ve prepared your web app and created a site structure so you can expose and sell various services throughout your service areas.

To close the circle, it is critical to register and verify your business on search engines, directories, business listings and other services…


Engagement strategies

Prepare and finetuned an engagement strategy,  that will engage your visitors with personalized and intent driven interactions.